Friday, May 25, 2007

Day of judgement

Like most junior doctors I’ve been busy following the judicial review into the MTAS fiasco over the past week and waiting eagerly for the result. It may be a loss but the judge’s comments are very interesting; although he didn’t rule that the MTAS review group’s actions were unlawful, he did suggest that many junior doctors would have good cases to take before an employment tribunal. Many recent posts from Dr Grumble and Dr Rant tell the story in more detail.

What is maybe more important than the result is the fact that the judicial review happened at all, and that it was initiated by a small group of doctors and allies who decided they couldn’t just do nothing.

This week I am proud to be a doctor and proud to know that the Remedy UK team and all the junior and senior doctors involved in standing up to MTAS/MMC are my colleagues. The sad downside is that I’m ashamed to be associated with the BMA and horrified by what the policies of Blair et al are doing to medical training and patient care. The fight cannot stop here.


At 22:31, Blogger Cal said...

I hope this sorts itself out before I graduate...

By the way, I like the Pink Panther.


At 08:19, Blogger Dr K said...

Thanks Cal.

I'm constantly amazed by the MMC/MTAS nightmare. I hope it stops soon.


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