Monday, January 22, 2007

The black pit of despair

The black pit of despair has opened up and swallowed several of my colleagues, meanwhile releasing from its depths a miasma of misery and hopelessness. Or to put it another way the MTAS site has opened for applications to specialist training posts - of which there are ridiculously few - from junior doctors - of which there are a lot.

The sense of helplessness is all too obvious around the hospital and in the forums at DoctorsNetUK.

To everybody stuck in this MMC nightmare, good luck, I don't really know what else I can say.


At 18:03, Blogger Shinga said...

Is there any chance that this is some ghastly made-for-TV experiment into how to demoralise and destroy a profession from within? Somehow, there will be a turnaround and everyone will skip into a Norman Rockwell future, holding hands and singing some secular version of Kumbyah?

Perhaps not. 6 years ago there was a major meltdown in the IT and communications industry in the UK and there were huge numbers of staff who were made redundant but that wasn't publicised. All this time on, a large number of these highly-skilled people have not recovered from this blow to their industry or their morale: it has been remarkably corrosive.

Regards - Shinga

PS - word verification is jamwm which seems strangely apposite.

At 10:24, Blogger Dr K said...

MMC is a nightmare. It will produce doctors who may be called 'consultants' but will have had far less training and experience than previous consultants and given the job that doctors do who will ultimately lose out? Patients. And something a lot of people forget (while arguing about 'turf wars' and 'protectionism') is that doctors are patients as well, we will all be ill at some point in our lives which is another reason why so many doctors are so opposed to MMC.

Not so long ago the UK was importing doctors from third world countries. Now we are forcing our own doctors to go abroad to find work.

I despair.

At 11:16, Blogger Dr Grumble said...

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