Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas entertainment

Christmas is just around the corner, I’ve finished the shopping (hooray!) and I’ve got some time off work (hooray!). So I'm relaxing at home and reading the Christmas bmj. I've been particularly enjoying an article on the portrayal of doctors in children's books, but there are plenty of other illuminating articles available until this issue becomes subscription only.

If you'd prefer a musical interlude, then you can sing along to the NHS version of band aid at Trick-cycling for beginners or check out the latest west end hit from Dr Informed.

Merry Christmas!


At 15:14, Anonymous Prof Scrub said...

Merry Christmas,

I prefer the portrayal of Doctors on TV rather then n childrens books, in particular, I liken myself to the cuddly Dr. Huxtable.

Happy New Year
Yours cuddly,
Prof Scrub.


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